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Passeios a preços de UBER / Tours at UBER prices

                     Passeios e tours personalizados de acordo com:                                

               » Perfil e interesses específicos;

               » Preferência por locais a visitar; 

             » Disponibilidade de tempo;

             » Número de acompanhantes;

               » Orçamento disponível;

             » Viagens com Motorista/Guia executivo e exclusivo a locais pouco explorados pelas agências tradicionais de turismo de massa, sempre utilizando

                   veículos Top de Linha;

               » Experiências únicas, lugares atrativos e pitorescos, sempre com uma boa história para contar;

               » A vivência pessoal e profissional de nossos executivos (motoristas/guias) é garantia de passeios de nível acima da média, em excelente

                  companhia, serviço que vai muito além do simples Tour tradicional.

              » Os roteiros e imagens exibidos neste site são apenas exemplos de lugares que recomendamos visitar.



A young company, but made up of experienced professionals passionate about exceeding the expectations of customers in tourism or business.




  • DMC, specialized in Portugal, Spain and Morocco, with particular emphasis on Corporative and Receptive Senior, we operate from Porto and Lisbon.
  • Communication in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French, we keep in frequent contact with the client, never leaving him unanswered.




Attention to the comfort and convenience of the clients, we have Vans, with capacity up to 8 seats (+ driver), equipped with air conditioning, GPS, DVD player and screen, besides free internet through Wi-Fi router. For groups from 10 to 35 people, we use executive bus/minibus with the same equipment.


UBER Partners




According to the client's profile and age, we differentiate the services in order to give them a strong emotional record Tours planned with a differentiated vision that prioritizes the perception and immersion in the soul of the people.


Drivers/guides that explain the history and curiosities of the areas visited with time to appreciate the cities, hamlets and places that are not part of the conventional tour itineraries but that are important to realize the cultural diversity, Historical, religious and artistic heritage.


  • Medieval fairs.
  • Folklore festivals.
  • Religious tours and shopping.
  • Golf and spa´s.
  • Gastronomictours, Food and wine experiences, show cooking, workshops, technical visits with tasting of traditional and innovative products.





WALTOUR Travel & Business 
Tours and Executive Services
Bases em Lisboa e Guimarães
RNAAT 274/2017



Ligue para nós e ficará
surpreso com o que podemos
sugerir e preparar para sua viagem.
Lisboa (Walter)
+351 916 699 309
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Ligue para nós e surpreenda-se com nossos serviços

Guimarães (Rui)
+351 938 072 425
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